Tallinn Architecture Biennale // my-oismae.org

Situation : Väike-Õismäe, Tallinn (Ee)
Partenaire : La.Ma (Carine Musel – Paysagiste)
Type : Concours d’idée « Recycling Socialism » , Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2013 (Ee).
Surface : 57 ha
Année : 2013

Väike Osmae’s inheritage is a wide open space resulting from a collectivist organisation and ideology. The pursuit of common good has reduced space to its most simple expression: an empty space, which prevents people from appropriating it. Despite it being « everybody’s » space, it is today a « no man’s land ». However, this may be Vaïke Osmae’s biggest opportunity…

By reconsidering its inner space, Väike Osmae will become an experimentation of a new public domain. This domain based on collectivist values such as shared spaces and caring for common good, allows the citizen-inhabitant with his or hers individual wills to be a part of the city-fabric’s process. From Top down to Bottom up: This wide open and therefore available space is given back to the citizen-inhabitants by a democratic process. This includes outoor and indoor spaces, no longer considered as disconnected. This new bottom up sustainable way of living takes place in hyper-connected buildings. Informations, decisions, know-hows, energy are shared by the community in the « agora » which
is a tangible and virtual shared space. The « agora » is permitted by an informatic programm using a social network and land registery (indoor and outdoor). Through the « agora », the linked citizen-inhabitants can exchange then decide together about their shared space according to each one’s will : Väike Osmae’s common good is now defined by indivual initiatives which offers an evoluting living environnement modulated by its citizen-inhabitants.



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